Osman Semerci Invests in London’s Little Farm

In 2018, veteran investor Osman Semerci entered the health-food industry by making a major investment in Little Farm. Known as a strong advocate for sustainability, Semerci believes that the future of the planet depends on how we treat it now and that investing in the sustainable food industry is an excellent place to begin. According to Semerci, “sustainability is good for the planet and it’s also good economics.”

Fresh Food, Passionately Made and Served

Little FarmLittle Farm is a health-food shop and restaurant located on Worship Street in London. Serving meals that are not only clean and nutritious but that are also delicious, meals at Little Farm offer customers a tasty way to consume essential healthy calories. Ingredients come from local farms, and care is taken to use products that people are familiar with and eat on a regular basis. Even though the flavours are kept simple, food served at Little Farm is always good because of the high quality of the ingredients used.

Little Farm Is More Than Just Good Food, Though

Besides serving gourmet food made with ingredients that come from sustainable sources, Little Farm also offers a great aesthetic experience. Sandwiches are beautifully wrapped, and meals are served in stylish boxes. The shop is well-designed and structured in a stylish and practical way. While customers wait for their orders, they can watch how it is prepared through the transparent walls of the kitchen, whetting their appetite by watching their salmon being seared and feta cheese being crumbled.