Finance & Insurance – Exceptional Insurance Consultancy

Osman Semerci Joins Finance & Insurance as Consultant to the Board

finance-insuranceFinance & Insurance is an independent, specialised financial brokerage that is located in Turkey. The company offers a wide range of products and services, such as credit insurance, surety bonds, contractors’ insurance, policy management, receivables financing, and political-risk management.

Osman Semerci joined Finance & Insurance as a consultant to the board in December 2018. As announced by the company, he will work with Chairman Osman Şükrü Tolay to further hone the company’s services and expand its scope of activities in EMEA markets.

Finance & Insurance Uses Its Network to Obtain the Best Conditions for Clients

Finance & Insurance is able to obtain the correct policy conditions for its clients using its substantive purchasing power as an international business network among insurance companies. The firm adds value to businesses by pursuing credit limits at policy inception as well as during ongoing processes through its prominent and respected global network. The firm is well-positioned to obtain the best insurance policies and is able to provide a step-by-step approach in claims and collections processes.

The Finance & Insurance Team

The team at Finance & Insurance consists of experienced credit-insurance specialists who work with accredited companies to meet the unique needs of their clients.

Bringing Semerci on as consultant is part of the company’s efforts to ensure that their clients have the best minds working for their financial interests.